Guardian 2-Person Survival KitBrand: Survival Frog

Weight: Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

People: 2

Main features: Compact packaging; lightweight survival-oriented nylon backpack   

Use: Emergency scenarios

Price: 66.97$


The Guardian is a well-known sub-brand coming from Survival Frog. It’s a very inexpensive emergency preparedness kit, but its value-to-price ratio is sky-high. Its tightly packed interior brims with content. Among other things, you’ll get 12 food bars, with a total kcal value of 4800, 12 sealed water pouches (4 oz), and 20 water-purifying tablets, good for 20 liters of clean water.

A standard communication and lighting packet applies here as well: AM/FM radio with headphones and batteries, LED rechargeable flashlight, recharged by squeezing, super loud 5-in-1 whistle, and waterproof matches. The warmth and temporary shelter categories contain the following: 2 sealed mylar blankets with 90% reflection coefficient and plastic ponchos for wet conditions. As you can see, the absence of tents is pretty apparent with this BOB.

Speaking of absence, the hygiene department is represented solely by tissues for hand sanitizing and toilet purposes. Tools only encompass a breathing mask, but we still have our trusty deck of playing cards. This Guardian survival kit can’t really measure up to some of the kits on this list, but its “inadequacies” are also fairly reflected on the price.

Guardian 2-Person Survival Kit Review
Updated : 08.16.2017.
Rating : 7.6/10