Best Survival Multi Tools

Best Survival Multi Tools
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Imagine you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and all you’ve got is a bug-out bag. In case of an emergency or natural disaster, you need countless items and tools to help you survive in severe or unknown conditions. Therefore, you should carefully consider what to pack in your survival kit and choose only highly useful, compact items.

The best choices are always multipurpose tools. You can save tons of space in your emergency kit if you opt for multifunctional items, which are both versatile and easy to pack.

In order to help you make the best possible choice, we have reviewed the best survival multi tools on the market. You can check out our objective list and find one or several exceptional survival multi tools that can meet all your requirements. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the survival gear sites whose emergency products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. cannot and does not present information about every survival gear available for purchase. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We operate as an affiliate advertising program created to provide means for websites by linking to Close

How We Chose The Best Survival Multi Tools

Survival gear catalogues offer a wide range of excellent multi tools that can be very helpful in case of any emergency. However, they aren’t all perfect for you and your specific needs and standards. Hence, our experienced team of survivalists has assembled a list of certain criteria that they find crucial for a high-quality survival multi tool. The criteria our team has used include:

  • Quality of the product
  • Functionality
  • Versatility
  • Weight
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Price
  • Value for money

Now that you know what to look for in a quality multi tool, take a look at our mini reviews of those multi tools we consider the best of the best.

Editors Choice

#111-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool


11-in-1 Survival Wallet ToolBrand: Survival Frog

Weight: 1.2 oz.

Dimensions: 3.370″ × 2.125″

Material: Stainless steel

Main Features: 11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool is your multifunctional credit card sized multi tool.

Use: Perfect for any emergency or outdoor activity

Price: $4.97


11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool may look like a toy, but it’s actually one of the most useful pieces of survival gear currently available. This is a multipurpose tool that can be your greatest companion in cases of emergency.

As its name indicates, 11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool features 11 extremely useful tools perfectly packed in a single stainless steel credit card shaped tool. Therefore, it can be equally helpful when you’re camping and need to open a beer and when you’re lost in the wilderness and want to cut some branches to light a fire.

This incredible survival multi tool includes a can opener, bottle cap opener, ruler, knife edge, saw blade, slotted/flathead screwdriver, 2-position wrench, 4-position wrench, wingnut wrench, direction ancillary indicator, and keychain hole with black leather sleeve and diagram instructions.

Thanks to its sleek, modern design, 11-in-1 Survival Wallet Tool can easily fit in your wallet. You can add it to your pocket survival kit and carry it with you wherever you go. That way, you’ll have the most important survival tools at hand at all times. In case you don’t want to keep it in your wallet or backpack, you can attach it to your keychain, but in this case, we advise you to keep it inside the convenient sheath that comes with it.

#2Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400


Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400Brand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 6.8 oz.

Dimensions: 5.63″ x 1.2″

Material: Stainless steel

Main Features: Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 is a 12-in-1 multipurpose survival tool made to last.

Use: Highly useful inside and outside the house

Price: $66.25


Forget about huge tool boxes and oversized survival gear because Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 is here. This compact multi tool can make a great addition to your survival kit, camping gear or tool box. It may be small in size but it is one of the most functional multi tools you can find on the market.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 features 12 extremely useful tools and can be used for small home reparations or when you are spending time outdoors. You can use it to fix an old patio chair, install a new cupboard in your kitchen or clean freshly caught game in the wilderness.

Among the 12 efficient tools it features, you can find several screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes, a serrated and fine edge blade, can and bottle opener, Fiskars scissors, wire cutter, needle nose plier, and more. Once you’re done using Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400, you can pack all the tools in a locked, corkscrew-sized tool. Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 can easily fit in any emergency kit or you can carry it around in your pocket.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s made of first-rate stainless steel and is therefore very durable.

#3Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600


Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600Brand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 9.0 oz.

Dimensions: 6.4″ overall length, 4.9″ closed length

Material: Solid stainless steel

Main Features: Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is an elegant and highly functional survival tool.

Use: Suitable for reparations, trips, and emergencies

Price: $48.75


If you think Gerber Blades Multi-Plier Sport 400 isn’t good enough to follow you on your adventures and keep you well-equipped in cases of natural disasters and other emergencies, then take a close look at its big brother, Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600.

This is a highly functional, extremely useful survival multi tool that includes 14 different tools compactly packed in a single one-hand opening item. Keep it close and you’ll never have to worry about unscrewing a rusty bolt, cutting a wire or opening a bottle of your favorite beer.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 contains flat blade and cross point screwdrivers, a wire cutter, can and bottle opener, fine edge and serrated knife, regular and needle nose pliers, ruler, Saf.T.Plus locking knife and tools, and even a lanyard ring.

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is incredibly safe to use thanks to its excellent locking mechanism, so you can hang it on your belt without the fear of accidentally hurting yourself. Of course, it can also fit in any survival kit or bag. Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600 is extremely durable because it’s made of solid stainless steel. It has a limited lifetime warranty.

#4Camillus Cutlery Company Trekus Pro Multi Tool & Flashlight


Camillus Cutlery Company Trekus Pro Multi Tool & FlashlightBrand: Camillus Cutlery Company

Weight: 7.2 oz.

Dimensions: 7.25″ overall length, 3″ blade length

Material: Titanium bonded blade, stainless steel handle

Main Features: Camillus Cutlery Company Trekus Pro Multi Tool is the Swiss knife of multi tools.

Use: Great for outdoor activities and survival situations

Price: $37.99


You certainly know those people who always carry a Swiss knife in their pocket and can fix anything in the blink of an eye. Well, now you can surpass that level of preparedness! With Trekus Pro Multi Tool from Camillus Cutlery Company, you can be ready for anything that comes your way, whether it’s a household item that needs repairing or you find yourself on an outdoor adventure and need to light a fire.

Trekus Pro Multi Tool is much more than a simple jackknife. It includes 9 highly useful tools in a compact pocket-size tool. It can be of great help when you go hiking, camping, fishing or in case of an emergency situation.

Trekus Pro Multi Tool features a drop point blade, stainless steel handle, file/screwdriver, removable firestarter, saw, awl, wire cutter, bottle opener, and a flashlight with a battery. It’s so versatile and convenient that you can use it to slice fruit at home or cut branches and build an improvised shelter.

The high-quality steel and titanium bonded surface of its blade guarantee that Trekus Pro Multi Tool can last for years, decades even. Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

#5Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool


Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi ToolBrand: Gerber Blades

Weight: 2.2 oz.

Dimensions: 4.3″ overall length, 2.8″ closed length

Material: Stainless steel

Main Features: Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool is a useful bladeless keychain multi tool.

Use: For ultimate preparedness before, during, and after air travel

Price: $27.50


You’re probably well aware that you can’t bring any type of weapon with you on an airplane. On the other hand, you’ve also heard of the TV show Lost and would like to be prepared for any kind of emergency or survival situation. Hence, Gerber Blades has introduced an extremely efficient, yet totally safe Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool. This extraordinary multifunctional tool can accompany you wherever you go, regardless of the means of transport you use.

Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool is so functional and versatile that it can help you cut a wire or string, remove a thorn, screw any bolt or simply open a bottle.

You get 12 unbelievably useful tools incorporated in Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool. It includes flat screwdrivers, spring-loaded scissors, a fine and coarse file, tweezers, wire cutters, pliers, and a bottle opener that can be used even when Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool is closed.

Gerber Dime Travel Bladeless Multi Tool can fit in your pocket or you can carry it around as a regular keychain. In addition to that, it features a strong zipper hook that can be effortlessly attached to a damaged luggage zipper.


Experienced survivalists and passionate adventurers never lack new ideas for upgrading their survival gear. The only problem is that you can’t possibly fit each and every new piece of equipment in your camping backpack or survival kit. That’s where multi tools come to the rescue.

Survival multi tools are tiny, lightweight, convenient, and most importantly, extremely useful. The best survival multi tools can feature 5, 10 or even 15 different tools in a single compact item. Moreover, most of them are made of high-quality stainless steel and designed to last for many years.

On the other hand, no matter how useful a multi tool is or how many functional gadgets it incorporates, not every multipurpose tool can meet your specific needs. Therefore, first check your emergency kit or hiking gear and make a list of the tools you need. If you need sharp scissors for clearing bushes, opt for a multi tool that includes a good pair. If you’d like to add a strong but tiny knife to your fishing equipment, look for a tool that offers the best blades.

Whichever multi tool you choose from our list of the best survival multi tools, you’ll get a first-class tool that can be of great help in various situations. However, pay close attention when choosing a new item for your bug-out bag and make sure you opt for a tool that can really make your life a lot easier.

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